Production Design Portfolio

Art Director for "Kata" a Short Film

Written and directed by Kamila Sadykova, this film takes place in prehistory and follows a mother who must protect her newborn son from her all-female tribe. "Kata" required a dramatic production design on a micro budget. Locations included Hollywood's famous Bronson Caves and the living room of our talented and generous First Assistant Director, Camila Villanueva.

Production Design for "I Souled My Soul"

This short film set in the present day follows an up-and-coming musician torn between loyalty to his dying mother and the beckoning temptation of fame and fortune. Written and directed by Jason Jimenez.

Set Design for "The Final Level: Escaping Rancala" from The Asylum

I designed the glowing "Rancala" sign for the sinister video game that sucks our heroes into a digital world where they must fight to stay alive.

Production Design for Cyberpunk Short Film

I wrote and directed a short film set in a dystopian future. My selection of location, costuming, and props were based on the techno-centric genre cyberpunk. In this scene, an ex-lover confronts her drug-dealing boyfriend for the damage he has caused their neighborhood, and she brings back-up with firepower.